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In the footsteps of Floris V

In the region you can still find all kinds of remnants from the time that Floris V fought against the West Frisians. Around the year 1280 FLoris V gave the order to build five castles in order to fight the West Frisians. And a number of these castles can still be visited today.

Radboud Castle in Medemblik

The first castle to visit is Radboud Castle in Medemblik. This castle is open to the public and now serves as a museum. The castle is surrounded on three sides by the IJsselmeer, so it used to be very defensible. This is the reason why the castle is largely preserved.

The Nuwendoorn in Krabbendam

Near Park Zijpersluis you will find the remnant of De Nuwendoorn. This castle was built in 1282, destroyed in 1370 and only rediscovered in 1948. In 2006 it was decided to refurbish the castle and the grounds. This job was completed in 2011, and since then there is another castle tower with several other buildings you can visit. The tower serves as a watchtower.

The Nieuwburg in the 'Six Wheels' area

North of Alkmaar you will find the foundation of Castle De Nieuwburg. This is the third and last castle of Floris V of which remains can still be seen. These foundations give a nice picture of how the castle used to be. A visit to this castle can be combined with a visit to Alkmaar or the other castles.


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