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Alkmaar is perhaps the cheese capital of the world (and certainly of the Netherlands). Every Friday morning from April to September, the city has the traditional cheese market, where cheese carriers in authentic clothing carry the cheeses to the market. Here, the cheeses are then auctioned off by hand clapping. In the city you will also find the Dutch Cheese Museum. This museum shows how the cheeses are made, how life in the countryside is and how the cheeses are traded. This makes a visit to Alkmaar and the market a very nice day out: you won't find this anywhere else.

But Alkmaar is more than just the cheese market. Alkmaar also has a beautiful historic centre with many old buildings and monuments. For example, the Waag at the market and the Town Hall are centuries old. In the city you can also visit other museums than the cheese museum. There is the Alkmaar Municipal Museum, the National Beer Museum De Boom and the 'House with the Bullet'. Oh yes, even as a Beatles fan you are in the city well. There is a real Beatles Museum. This museum shows you everything about the famous British band.

Also if you like shopping, Alkmaar is the place to be. The city has a wide range of shops, so shopping in the city is always fun. In addition to the cozy shopping center, the city also has several shopping centers where you can shop.

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