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The Regatta Center in Medemblik is the place to be for water sports enthusiasts. You can come here with your boat, either as a passer-by or at a fixed berth. But Medemblik is more than just the Regatta Center. In the city centre, for example, new and old are combined in a beautiful way. The harbour of the city is full of new but also old ships. In addition, the city has many museums.


And do you want to visit a castle? Also then you can visit Medemblik tercht. Here you will find Radboud Castle. In this beautiful castle, which is almost completely intact, you can do various things. The castle serves as a museum, but there is also a cafe where you can enjoy a cup of coffee with a sandwich or cake.


Medemblik has a number of very nice (and tasty) museums. For example the Steam Train museum. Always wanted to know how these machines worked, look or ride? You will discover it here. Medemblik also has a nice museum. A nice museum? You'll think so. Yes, a nice museum: The Bakkrijmuseum De Oude Bakkerij. In this museum you can see how sandwiches and cakes are made. Of course you can also eat the most delicious bakes here.

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