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Schagen is the place during your holiday to relax for a day. The city is full of heritage, which gives it an old, primeval Dutch feel. In addition, there are several museums highlighting the city's history. But also the rest of the municipality of Schagen is worth a visit. Walking on the beach at Callantsoog, canoeing through the nature of Waarland and walking through the Wildrijk near Sins Maartenszee, to name a few.

A visit to the Westfriese Markt is also highly recommended. In the summer, on 10 Thursdays, the city is dominated by the 'West Frisian Market Days'. Dressed in traditional costumes, the antique horse-drawn carriage, carriages and other carriages come from the stables. Then a folkloristic dance show takes place in the shadow of the large church. During this marketdagne you will imagine yourself to be back in the former Schagen.

We just mentioned it, but the Great Church is also a real must in Schagen. From a distance you can already recognize Schagen by the beautiful towers that rise above the city. It is a relatively new church (1895) but unique because of its Neo-Gothic architecture.

To make a long story short: you don't have to be bored in Schagen.

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